BHT antioxidant przeciwutleniacz

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is an organic compound widely used as an antioxidant in many industries.

BHT is sucessfully applied as an antioxidant in many industries, ranging from the rubber, plastics, petroleum products, biofuels, food and pharmaceutical industries to the cosmetics. It is one of the most commonly used antioxidants, which owes its position to, among others, safety of use and high efficiency in many hydrocarbon compounds. Thanks to BHT’s stabilizing properties, it protects organic products against the damaging effects of time, heat and light.

At room temperature, BHT is a white to cream solid with a mild smell. When heated above the melting point, it becomes a clear, bright yellow liquid.

Polsaros offers BHT having the following forms:

BHT Flakes (general purpose)

  • Flakes form
Parameter Value
AppearanceWhite flakes
Main substance content, wt. %, min.99,8
Phenol content, wt. %absent
Other alkyl phenols content, wt. %, max.0,2
Ash content, wt. %, max.0,002
Colour, APHA, UOM max.20
End melting point, °C, min.69,8

BHT Crystals

  • Crystal form – Food & Feed Grade
AppearanceWhite crystals without foreign impurities
End melting point, °C, min.min. 70,0
Colour, APHA, UOM max.10*
Main substance content, wt. %, min.99,9
Other alkyl phenols content, wt. %, max.0,1
Water content, wt. %, max.0,025
Heavy metals content, ppm, max.**
Lead, Pb*
Arsenic, As*
Mercury, Hg*
Ash content, wt. %, max.0,002

* while storing for more than 3 months, the color of the product can be changed into yellow
** not reported on CoA as no tests on every lot

  • Feed premixture (E321+E551a)
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder without foreign impurities*
Main substance content, wt. %, min.97,7
Phenol content, wt. %no
Other alkyl phenols content, wt. %, max.0,3
Ash content, %, max.1,5 – 2,0
Crystallization point, °C, min.68,2

* while storing for more than 3 months, the color of the product can be changed into yellow

  • Molten form
AppearancePale yellow liquid
Main substance content, wt. %, min.99,8
Ash content, %, max.0,002
Barwa, APHA max.20
Crystallization point, °C, min.69,0
Density at 70°C, g/cm3, min.0,9

BHT is a lipophilic compound, i.e. does not dissolve in water, whereas is soluble in oils, toluene, acetone, partially in ethanol and chlorinated organic solvents.


Most often BHT is used in:

Plastics – they require the use of a stabilizer during polymer processing and subsequent protection throughout the life of the finished product. BHT (Food Grade) is recognized as a safe ingredient and has been approved for use in plastic food packaging.

Rubber and elastomers – BHT is a non-staining, not causing discoloration antioxidant, hence it is used in combination with other antioxidants in white and light colored rubber products.

Lubricating and special oils – BHT is an effective stabilizer and antioxidant in synthetic oils and fluids, e.g. cutting, spindle, hydraulic, transformer or brake fluid.

Industrial fats, oils and fatty acids – BHT prevents the development of rancidity in vegetable and animal fats.

Biodiesel fuel mixture – BHT is a very effective antioxidant that prevents rancidity in the biodiesel mixture at as low as 0.1% (1000 ppm).

Vegetable oils – BHT is used in vegetable oils of various types (rapeseed, soy, linseed and others) as an antioxidant for industrial applications such as e.g. printing ink bases.

Food and feed products – BHT is used as an antioxidant, preventing the deterioration of many food and medicinal products. It has been approved for use in the European Union as a chemical food additive E321 and in the USA by the Food and Drug Administration. It is also used in the production of soaps.

BHT Food and Feed Grade offered by Polsaros has the necessary food certificates, including kosher certificate.


BHT (flaked and crystalline) is delivered in 20 or 25 kg paper bags. It can also be delivered in 700 kg or 1000 kg Big Bags.

BHT in liquid form is delivered in iso tanks specially designed for this purpose. The product is delivered at an elevated temperature.



Full technical documentation including technical specifications, safety data sheets, ISO certificates, REACH certificates and other regarding the product are available upon request. Please contact us.