About us

We would like to introduce Polsaros Sp. z o.o. which has been involved in the procurement and whole delivery systems of raw materials destined to many industries.

We are a young company but we pride ourselves with very experienced staff that possesses several dozen years of combined professional experience in those areas working at and with global companies. 

Our products have been successfully approved at many manufactures in Europe. All of our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified. Some of them have ISO 14001 certification as well. These producers have been audited by technical/quality departments of manufactures and they received high scores for their own quality system in place.

All products we are offering are also in compliance with REACH regulations.




Our mission is to ensure the continuity of supply of raw chemical materials in line with the expectations and requirements of customers.


Our vision is to be a reliable business partner in the delivery of raw materials and to provide comprehensive, innovative and customized logistics solutions at the highest level. We want to build an organization that is modernly managed, based on knowledge and experience.


Our strategy is to create and support a multimodal supply infrastructure for chemical raw materials through transparent business activities with the support of an Integrated Management System for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and innovative solutions, key knowledge and continuous improvement of the competences of employees of our company.


B2B Project

Polsaros Sp o.o. received support from the INNOVATIVE ECONOMY OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME under Measure 8.2 Support for implementation of B2B e-business to implement a B2B system for improvements and automation of business processes in the company Polsaros in collaboration with business partners.

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